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The Anglican Church in Toronto 

serving the community in West Lake Macquarie.


Christ the King Anglican Church, Toronto is a vibrant and active Christian community of faith.  We are a community that reflects many aspects of Anglican tradition, always exploring new ways of celebrating our faith.  This is expressed primarily in the worship, service, prayer, fellowship and Sacraments that form us to live out our faith in the community.

We gather for worship on weekends and weekdays and you are warmly invited to attend any of our services no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.  Whether you are new to the Church or have been an active Church member for 50+ years, all are welcome and equal in the Kingdom of God.

The Reverend Julie Turnbull

The names and contact details of paid and volunteer staff members are on the About page.

Facing the Past and Shaping a Healthy Future

Christ The King Toronto


Tots ‘n’ Tunes Music play time every Thursday 9.30 am during school terms.

Baptisms by appointment, see our Baptism Page

Messy Church is currently in recess.



Providing assurance that our churches are safe places for children an vulnerable people.

If you have concerns about children's safety please contact The Diocesan Professional Standards Unit

If you need to speak to someone call the confidential line 1800 774 945

Website: Professional Standards

email: dps@newcastleanglican.org.au

News from the Diocese

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Samaritans works closely with the Diocese in many ways, from assistance with our Disaster Recovery and supporting the Emergency Relief centres, to providing a safe space for many of our services. Samaritans is grateful for the dedication of many members of our parishes who volunteer their time to support our services. A key way in... [...]

- Bishop Peter Stuart

Clergy to meet and reflect following the National Bishops’ Meeting and General Synod Bishop Peter has invited all licensed clergy from the Diocese to gather for conversation and deep listening in the light of the 2019 Diocesan Synod. The clergy will meet for prayer and engagement using a structure based on “open space technology”. The... [...]

- Gemma

Samaritans supports the state Disaster Recovery efforts when we are impacted in our region. Following the recent disasters around the state we are looking for new volunteers to be on standby should we need to activate our teams again. Samaritans… The post We’re looking for Volunteers to help in a disaster appeared first on Samaritans. [...]

- Gemma

Samaritans is now a signatory of the Life in Mind National Communications Charter (The Charter). The Charter is a resource and uniting document for people in the mental health and suicide prevention sectors, government, organisations and community groups. Samaritans agrees… The post Samaritans signs National Communications Charter appeared first on Samaritans. [...]