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Toronto Anglican Church

serving the community in West Lake Macquarie.


Toronto Anglican Church gathers in the Church building dedicated to Christ the King. We acknowledge that the site on which our church stands has a long spiritual history as the site known as Pondee, which is the site for ceremony and ritual of the Awabakal people; the traditional custodians of this region.

Who we are: We are a grace centered vibrant and active Christian community of faith.  We are a community that reflects many aspects of Anglican tradition, always exploring new ways of celebrating our faith.  This is expressed primarily in the worship, service, prayer, fellowship and Sacraments that form us to live out our faith in the community through participating in the movement of God's love towards the world. Our vision is as that as we live as disciples of Jesus Christ, our lives, our communities, and our West Lake region will be transformed.

We gather for worship on weekends and weekdays and you are warmly invited to attend any of our services no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.  Whether you are new to the Church or have been an active Church member for 50+ years, all are welcome and equal in the Kingdom of God.

We gather for worship on Sundays at 9am.

In Advent which is the season of preparation for the Birth of Christ and his second coming. We gather on Saturday Nights @ 5.30pm and Sunday @ 9am.

Our Christmas Services for 2021:

Blue Christmas Service Monday 20th December @6pm - For anyone who is finding Christmas difficult or sad.

Family Christmas Service - 6pm Christmas Eve

Midnight Mass - 11.30pm Christmas Eve

Christmas Day Mass - 9am

In January we gather on Sundays @9am.

For Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Memorial Services please contact us on 4959 8108.

If you would like a copies of our weekly worship resource packs either emailed or posted please email: parishpriest@torontoanglicans.org.au or call 4959 8108.

Peace and love be with you

The Reverend Melanie Whalley



The names and contact details of our Ministry and Church leaders are on the About page.

Facing the Past and Shaping a Healthy Future

Christ The King Toronto


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Providing assurance that our churches are safe places for children an vulnerable people.

If you have concerns about children's safety please contact The Diocesan Professional Standards Unit

If you need to speak to someone call the confidential line 1800 774 945

Website: Professional Standards

email: dps@newcastleanglican.org.au

Survivor Support

News from the Diocese

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