Toronto Tots ‘n’ Tunes is a program of music playtime for preschool children 0 - 5 years old.

The playtime goes from 9.30 am until 10.30am each Thursday during school terms and is based on a different theme each week.
Tots ‘n’ Tunes commences with singing, movement and activities with a large coloured parachute.
The program consists of singing, action songs, listening, percussion instrument activities and a storybook reading time for the children.
This is followed by morning tea for the children. The adults can do some socialising over a tea or coffee.

Music is good for learning of all kinds

You’ve probably heard it said many times that music is good for children; and unlike vitamins or broccoli, it also ‘tastes’ good! Researchers in recent years have been building up a convincing case, showing that music eases stress, stimulates brain development, aids memory and spatial awareness, supports communication and language development and promotes a sense of wellbeing.