Saturday: 5.30pm  Vigil Eucharist

This is a brief time of worship incorporating music, prayer, a short homily and Holy Communion.

Sunday: 8.30am - Christ the King Toronto

Sung Eucharist on Celebration Days
Less formal Said Eucharist all other Sundays

A Traditional Anglican Eucharist that is grounded in the belief of the Church is ‘One, Holy catholic and Apostolic'.
The Liturgy follows the Seasons of the Church Year and the Revised Common Lectionary is used for the reading and hearing of Holy Scripture.
There is a strong focus on gathering together around the Table of the Lord to be fed and renewed by the Risen Jesus in this most important Sacrament.


As in some other traditions of the Church, we value the importance of being able to gather during the week to celebrate and pray together. On Wednesday morning there is also time set aside to pray for people on our parish healing list and for healing in general. The Sacrament of  Holy Unction (anointing) can also be offered at this time or at any time on request. A daily form of morning and evening prayer is also frequently offered in the Church.

Our times for weekday worship are:

Monday: Morning Prayer 8.30am  Evening Prayer 6.00pm

Tuesday: Morning Prayer 8.30am  Evening Prayer 6.00pm

Wednesday: Morning Prayer 8.00am  Healing Eucharist 8.30am  Evening Prayer 6.00pm

Thursday: Morning Prayer  8.30am  Evening Prayer  6.00pm

If there are any variations to these times or additional times, they are printed in the weekly Parish News and published on the website.

Aged Care Communions:

Waterview: Every Second Wednesday each month 9.30am

Carey Bay Hostel: First & Third Wednesday each month 9.45am

Carey Bay Nursing Home: First & Third Wednesday each month 10.30am